Saturday, June 15, 2013

Never know it would still hurt..

People fell in love..having a relationship..becoming close..and when we became not so close anymore..we broke up..we met new people..and fell in love again. We thought we have forgot everything about our past relatioship..but the fact is..NO!

I'm happy with my life..I feel blessed with all the love given to me..from family, friends and my love.

But one day..something came up. Some one sent me 1 picture that change everything. He used to stalk me in this page. But I guess not anymore. Seriously, I didn't know why it hurts so much.. The relationship was like sooo...sooo long time ago.. I guess during my early matriculation year.. when my age was around 18,19 yrs old.. We broke up after 2 or 3 yrs with the unreasonable reason for me. And I let him go..but still we can say Hi to each other everytime we met during university time.

Hmm..back to the picture..its his WEDDING PICTURE!! Tadaaa...

I feel happy for him..but why does it hurt so much inside.. Honestly, I do feel happy for him..I'm glad he finally found the right one.. but its still hurt.. and for the last 2 weeks.. that 1 picture keep on popping inside my head.. which I dunno why either..

Well.. Here's my last note for you..

To Nizam..who used to be in my life before.. Thank you for the past love. I'm happy that you finally found your true love. I sincerely feel happy for both of you...really! from deepest part of my heart.. I do feel happy for you. Thank you for the happy memories and thank you for the not so happy memories as well. I wish you all the happiness in the world.. Send my regards to her.. Be a good husband.. and be a good father, insyaallah 1 day.. For all the joy that we spend together..there's nothing more I can say but THANK YOU. I hope you still keep your promise to me. I missed the big leg teddy..huhu. Maybe I'm just sad that you didn't tell me that you're getting married. To receive those picture from someone else..really hurting back the scar from long time ago. What happened between us, lets forever keep it between us. I love you as a friend and I want you to be happy for the rest of your life. I wish u all the best in your life, your marriage life, your career and whatever you do in life. May Allah forever be with you..Insyaallah.

And to my boo.. Thank you for your love and support for the past couple years..Never knew we could made it this far.. I love you boo!! And will always love you..