Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ME...September 2014.

Hello People!!! Finally..i'm BACK!! Haha.. I've been so damn busy lately..with my works la especially.. Well, I just moved to a new's been 3 months now. Yeah..better company, better environment, most importantly..better management.. Yep!! Dat's rite peeps! So, anyone who are still looking for a job..make sure those place got a really good management people and extremely good HR, wokay??

I'm doing great rite now..enjoying my single life..huh?? Single?? No larh..i am still Mr.Boyfie.. But due to work requirement, he has to travel up and down from Johor to Melaka to Klang.. We have been living separately for almost 3 months now.. When I say 'separately' means we have not see each other face larh..kay, do not think negatively. But I manage to see him last 2 weeks when he went back to PD to send her sister away to Switz..

Jumpa kjap la,..lpas rinduu..huhu.. and received suprise gift from him.. TQ Love!!! Love it sooooooo much!!!! Then we go jalan2...have some coolblogs, bought ourselves some breads and talk again. Later of the day, we singgah to our friends stall..SHEESHAKITE kat PD..showing them our support to their new located anyone yg love shisha can come there if you visit PD okay!! Terbaekk punye burger bakar, meatball, nasi lemak and some more superlicious food!! Then we go back and until today.. hmm..tlebey2 plak story mory kt cni ye dakk..

Now..dah approaching end of September 2014. Got 3 months to go before year end. And the best thing is I still got 10 days leave which I haven't plot.. Hmm..+/- la..yup..ade dlm 10 days more to go. So, better start planning my holiday now!! Ngeee.. Okay..dats my first mission..HOLIDAY!

2nd mission...LOSING SOME WEIGHT!! Yeap..dun laugh kay..I really need to lose some weight. Huargghh..there's go my lasagna, soda, mac&cheese, spaghetti n all... Rice is my enemy..caffeine is my food is my enemy!!! Alhamdullillah..starting from early August.. on and off.. took in latest weight measurement, I manage to lose 5kg overall..and I'm extremely happy with the result! Syukur pada-Nya. Hope can lose few more pounds in upcoming month..wanna know the secret?? I'll let you know when I reach the target level..hihii.. dah 6.39am...really need to lot of things to do tomorrow. Need to wake up early.. Insyaallah..I will updates again on my progression in life..nite2 u'olls.


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