Friday, April 13, 2012

13 APRIL 2012 - In the name of LOVE a.k.a. I Love My Dad!!!

Recently, my dad was diagnosed with bleeding behinds his eyeball. Not really sure what the disease called apa2 pon, alhamdulillah.. I manage to get time and bring him to the right place for treatments.

Previously, my dad went and buat checkup with 1 private clinic la.. dun wanna mention the name here, quite famous clinic though.. And this is their solution - they ask RM 20k for the treatment/minor operation that doesn't cure you, but 40% chances of stopping the bleeding only. Mahal kan??

Then my dad go and search the government hospital to seek for 2nd opinion and hopefully get much cheaper price compared to the private clinics la kan.. Tp issue here know how time consuming is to get a treatment from this G kind of hospital kan..super slow, super not so nice customer service and super disappointment to expect from it..kan? Maybe not all G hospital kn.. Used to get good treatment in Hospital Selayang before..thumbs up! Ok..back to the story, my dad went 1 G hospital near my hometown la kan.. 2 times went there, my dad have to wait there for 3 hours just to get this kind of answer.. " Maaf pakcik, mesin rosak. Kite akn set another appointment yea".. 3rd time kna, my dad on pissed off la kn..xasal2 doctor tu kna marah. Pdan muka! Yea la, nombor phone ade..knape xkol kate mesin xelok lgi ke ape x, tggu lama, dtg byk kali..sda2 je ckp mesin rosak lgi.. haa,kn dh kna.. huhu..

Arini, 1st time aku pkai gaun labuh yg aku minat giler tuh..kopak duit aku. Tp minat punyer pasal..rabakkk gak poket aku aritu.. Sbaik tggal last 1, and luckily it was ny size..huhu..best2!!

This is not normal lycra gown yg kite slalu nmpk org lain pkai tu kay..jgn slh high graded lycra.. yeahh..cost me around 400 bucks just for the ske nye psal, kaut jela. skali skala..kannn???

Hmm..citer x abes lagi laa..last week my dad called me informed, his left eyes plak yg kna..means both eyes dh xboleh nmpk separa buta. I dh, I go and ask people around for best eyes hospital nearby..and most of them suggest me to go to Hospital Tun Hussein Onn near PJ there. So, I go and bring him there la today. Tp bukan nk ckp la..this Hospital is damn good!!! Reasonable price offered, with complete checkup and bloody hell good services.. So, I really recommended this hospital to those yg facing eyes problem. Plus, the doctor there all are specialist. They were all goods. Next Monday, need to bring my dad back for the minor surgery/treatment. Hmm..hope dpt cuti..hihii.

After teman my dad, smbil tkuap2 sangap xckup tido..sbb last thursday balik kje kul 4.00 am in the morning. Damn tired..ops salah statement, bkn xcku tdo..mmg xtdo lgi pon dri blk kje tu sbb takot tlajak nk amik abah pagi2 kt seremban for today checkup. Balik umah dh kul 8.30pm..pnat tahap gaban.

Balik2 nmpk this packet dpn my dad punye working table...

Tadaa..slimming patch..xbkak lg i nmpk words for detoxifying tu yg penting..huhu.
Almaklom lah, kaki den ni dah longuh2 bjalan kek spital tu kan..tringin la nk tdo pkai bnda alah nie..hihii.'d it looks kt dlm packaging. The herbal packet + sticker pad tu..

Jeng..jengggg...dh tampal kt kaki..

 Mula2 tu rasa cm panas sket..skang rasa panas je kt tpak kaki tu. 
Skrg, rasa gatal2 plak kt bawah kaki ni..maybe sbb dia serap toksik dalam badan ni kot.

Tak sabar nk tggu results bnda ni sok..hihii..
Nnt kite update ek..ngantuk plak..daaa~~~

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