Saturday, August 13, 2011

New blog layout.. Yippiee!!!

Hello everyone!!!

It has been a long time seen i wrote the last entry. Been so busy with my work life. Yeahhh..damn busy.
I'm glad..feel blessed and lucky to have an opportunity to work there. Happy..yesss. Tired..a bit. Well..a lot actually.

Hmm..dh masuk Ramadhan pown skrg ni..first time bpuasa di tmpat kerja..berbuka bersama2 teman skerja. Not bad..dun feel tired at all. Why? Keje macam aku ni mane la nk sedar time. Bgun tido of coz dh tghari.. siap2..went to work. Piles of work make you busy and suddenly dh time to break fast. The not so best part is.. I still dun have chances to perform terawih. With my work time, i don't think I can. Even ada chances on weekend pown..I still dun go..haha. My bad..I admit that. Bukan xnak pergi..maybe sbb kerja yg sgt memenatkan, make me wanna rest without doing nothing as much as I could. Balik kerja at 3. Reach home at 3.30 am..trus sahur. Tggu subuh and then sleep. That has been my routine for now. Work till you die!! Hahhaaa...

Ermm...last sangat..balik kje mandi and my boo amik me at home and bring me out for sahur together, Sangat seronok!! Happy..rindu kt my boo sbb dh almost 3 weeks x jumpa. Last I join him and his family stay kt Garden Hotels. I'm glad his family treats me nicely. Huhu..the best part is..merasa tido kt hotel The Gardens KL tu..his mom insist me to stay the night with them..i couldn't say no..since it was his mom request. Orang tua ngajak,xkan kite nk say's not polite kan.. Tp best la hotel tu..turun bawah jln2 kt gardens and mid valley..merasa gak my baby rio msuk valet parking..hihii..

Skrg tgh kumpul dwet nk bli handphone bru... nak tunang lagi..sume nk pkai duit. First time aku kelam kabut mcm ni. I thought he was joking when he say 'Jom Tunang!!'.. Then I told him..ngarutla..kite kenal pon not dat long lagi.. No..i'm serious la..he said. Ok..ikutla..i ckp dgn dye. Then we drop the conversation.
Few days later..he raised the topic again. I never take it serious..coz for me, there's none..i mean previously my ex yg pnah serious till that part. Tp diz time..he really meant it. Hmm..i'm in a dilemma. It's not that I don't wanna get just.. there's so many think i need to prioritize first in my career, my family..
B..boleh x kite tangguhkn dulu all the plan??? I wish i could say that. but for now..dia dh snyap balik.. hehe. So I just keep it silent. Hopefully dia lupa daa..hihii..

Hmm..soon, I igt nk pindah to our former home @ Sunway. Since the renter tu dh finished his study and nk balik dia nk move out la. Then I ckp ngn my dad. Why don't u let me stay there?? Hmm..abah ckp 'it's not a big deal..but are you there to live alone in that 2 storey terrace house ALONE??' . Betul jugak tu..make me scared a lil bit since i'm a girl..but hopefully..dapatla. I really wanna stay at my own house. Senang. Skrg ni I rent a room. No furniture..tu pon dh RM300 per room..xmasuk api air lagi..hmm.. krete pon kna rebut2 gak nk parking. So f**king annoying. Dgn other housemate yg xreti bkemas lgi..masah wehh!! Aku sorg nk kna kemas. Hope sgt2..abah bg permission to live there. So, I boleh masak, duk sorg2 and have my own house.hepi..hihii.

Ok la, dh terang dah kt luar tu..nk main dgn my baby kitten 5 ekor bru lahir bout 1 month ago.. nnt I take some shot and share it okie?? Daa..

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