Monday, July 11, 2011

Double Trouble

Hmm..I'm still on fever when I'm writing this here. Feels so sick and nauseous..BUT..not because of this fever. But because of the unfinished issue of BERSIH here in this country. Yess...I agree with some of the points pointed by them. But the way they're doing it..was just sooo00000000 annoyying, troubling others and not so peaceful at all. Acting like doing it so properly but in the end..act like 'piece of trash'..yeahh..

I don't like politics..dats my stand view. But dat doesn't mean I don't give a damn shit bout it at all. I just know what i want to know..and what i should know. But to go waaayy deeper inside of, thanks.. not interested at all. I'm not on anybody

What make me hate it the most..
1) Since I'm working in the middle of KL..just nearby to Masjid Jamek..really close to Masjid Jamek.. I hate the fact that just because of this few stupid fellas threatened to rebelled in KL. I'm the one who has to face all the troubles to go to work. And not just me..I believed..all peeps that work in KL area felt the same way as I did. Police has to closed few roads..roadblock almost everywhere in town.. I have to faced traffic jams for hours.. my normally 15minutes work trip turn to almost 2 hrs trip..all thanks to BERSIH.. yeayy!! I have to go early to work..still stuck along the way..finish my work ASAP in order to went back home early. My boss have to wait for me and other staff  finished their work to ensure our safety. Yeahh..resulting bulks of outstanding and pending works for me to solve later. Hmm..hate this. NOT HAPPY. Why?? It disturb my life, my work and  my freedom!!

2) I thought this issue finished already. However, when I want to release my tension by facebook-ing.. still have few BERSIH supporter 'barking' here and there.. Please larhh..enough is enough. Don't u guys have any other works to do instead of visiting every webs and pages available...just to post few pics of bla2..doing wrong thing..treat bad to so called innocent people...bla2.. DUDE..HAVE A LIFE. Yess..we are democratic country..where people can speak their mind. But don;t just speak..u have right to vote when it comes to election. it there..instead of barking everywhere.. when someone ask..have you registered to vote for the upcoming election..the answer is always.. "" WTH??!! It just so annoying and irritating to see this kind of situation happened here. Malays@Melayu fighting with each other..other races just clapping, laughing and cheering for our foolishness...BRAVO MELAYU!!!

I have enough of this..hate bout all this stuff called POLITICS!! Ewww...

P/S: I wonder how long can I believes on Hang Tuah's words.. TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA'
Sebab in my company..boleh kire brape kerat je melayu yg jdi boss..the  rest of it..non malays. SEDIH.. Why?? Sebab org melayu sume sebok berpolitik, sebok nk jd artis, sebok nk kje kilang...
Renung2kan lah..

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