Saturday, May 21, 2011

Juz another missing part of me..

Ola.. lama sgt x update diz blog.. juz smpat bukak kjap2 je.. Well, i've been busy diz few months. Dh almost 2 and half month kje kt HSBC Data Processing Malaysia..sgt2 sibuk. Super Busy!! Hehehe.. Kje yg sgt challenging..hopefully i'll survive there.. Well, nothing much happen to me. It just my status no longer single.. but 'in a relationship'. After couple of years living without love..a.k.a Mr.Boyfie.. But now, i can proudly say i have a bf..hahaha. Well, nothing change. I'm still the same person. Just dat i ada kawan to share my feelings..xkire la susah ke senang ker..kan? kan? For me..yg dh melonjak usia 25 years old nie..not yet, but soon to be.. rupa paras not an important anymore. As long as he knows who i am, accept me the way i am.. and support me in every thing i do..i feel so blessed already.

Yup, i'm happy. Mula2 dlu byk gaduh2 skang bile msg2 dh bz..and had less time to spent together..i guess, dat thing yg wat kami become close and treasure each other..huhu. And the best part is..he's started to show me the gentle side of him.. Anyway..still ade long time for us..just follow the flow and lihat je the end result nnt. Okie?? Hhehe.. Opss..lupe lak, to my boyfie..tq coz blanja i sandals Roxy and beli kan i new handbag kay..ske sgt!! Coz bag tu besar..juz like other bag yg i ske beli tu..and pasni i boleh sumbat a lot of things dlm bag tu nnt..hihii.. Hell yeahh!! Hahahaa..

Yes, i'm a bit busy with my career life rite now. Everything just on the right track..just like what i wished and planned before. To end my career with Celcom is the right choice for me. Bkn nk ckp kje tu xbagus.. it just no self satisfaction for work like hell and get 'busuk' punya income. Tak nak crite la kan.. but from dat experience, i've realised 1 thing for sure.. NEVER EVER BELIEVE IN YOUR SUPERVISOR!!! Why did i say that??? Hmm..dlu i was advised to quit in non proper way by my previous supervisor..sbb nnt i'll lose 3/4 of my salary.. However..i remembered asking her if my not dat so proper way to quit tu akn effect my upcoming career. Then she replied.. 'Takdelah..just nnt u xkn boleh apply kerja dkt VADS and ank2 syarikat jela'... Well, dat was the most stupid mistake yg i pernah buat.. LESSON TO LEARN day, if you're wanna quit or bhenti from work..bhenti cara elok kay..make sure you  follow the rules of the company.. One more thing, make sure before start the contract dat u won't get cheated mcm i dlu.. I was cheated to sign the contract urgently and without proper briefing.. Then xpuas hati i lari from work.. Quit without proper notice. Now, i kje in global company..and it did affect my career. Luckily, i appeal to HR and it was excepted.. Now, i boleh kerja dgn senang hati..hoorayyy!!!

Found diz on the internet..nice words though..
BUT bkn di tuju pada sape2 kay..
So, plz dun be such a bitchy person.
Ermm...ade jugak sket..mgkin rase sedey sbb rse dpergunakan and cheated by a friend. Kes duit la..ape lagi kan.. Biasa la, matter how close we are..but then anytime boleh back stab kan? Well...happen few weeks ago..i loaned my money to sum1.. xbyk pon..around seratus je..coz die ckp nk guna byr bil..gaji xmasuk lgi. Since i bru dpt gaji and quite close gak ngn i mlas amik pusing, i tolong. Janji nk byr bile dpt bile dpt gaji snyap je kan..xde hulur2 balik.. I malas nk mintak..phm2 sndiri sudah la kan.. NOW, end of month..aku plak yg kering. Plus, kete ade rosak2 ade la kna repair pe yg patot. So, i mintak la my hutang balik..ckp ngn dia, xbyr full..half pon jdi la. Tap2tup..smpai skarg haram jadah xde respon. Senyap!!! Cntact aku pon xde dah skarang..cmtu ke kawan??? Ckp ngn aku xde mnabur cghite kt fb g tgk wyg la..wt rmbut la..mcm2..ade lak dwet..cmne nk pcaye kate xde dwet..tul x? Okla..xkisah la, mgkin ko xde btul xde duit.. tp rm10, 20.. xleh hulur dlu ke.. Tkleh ke tanya khabar aku ni..boleh survive ke x lgi. Pikir la weh..ko duk ngn parent..papehal, mkn ke boleh mkn kt umah lgi.. Aku dh tentu2 duk umah bujang..nk masak pown cm xtau la umah yg aku duk tu cmne..dh tentu2 kna bli mkn..pkai ape? Duit kan.. G kje? Parking? Byr pkai ape??? Duit dowhh... Agak2la..time susah aku tlg.. time aku susah leh wt dono je kan.. YES!! Mmg aku pown ada mak bapak aku xnk la pkai dwet dorg..dh aku hulur nk mintak balik..klau aku ade duit yg leh pkai aku mintak la balik.. Salah ke aku mintak hak aku..tak kan???
It's me!!! ;d
Aku xde la kesah at least klau ko xmampu byr lgi..ko tepon aku bgtau..dh try cri xdpat ke hape..pndai2la ko nk mbongak kan.. Haishh..hangin plak aku tetibe mlm ni..cehh!!

Pendek kate..spnjang aku x update blog nie..mcm2 benda yg jd..cume xsmpat je nk story mory kt cni..hehe. Whatever it is..stay cool, stay strong..believe in myself.. Insyaallah, I'll survive..

Ok then, rsa nye enough la kan.. Until next time...chill kay.. =D

ME..hate it when people I call friends try to mess with my life..

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