Friday, January 28, 2011

My Addictions on 'RUNNING MAN'..

RUNNING MAN...another show that make laugh like shit! Lol..
Starting to my addiction towards FO season 1, and now this.. Really love Korean damn funny. Lmao.

From left: (back) Kwang Soo,JaeSuk, JongKi, SukJin, Jong Kook
(front) JiHyo,Gary, Lizzy,Haha
How can i be addicted to it..starting from my addiction to my beloved Jong Kook oppa.. (saranghaeyo oppa.. ^^) ngee...i start to miss him action again.. so i started to googling info on him again..and found this new show he's involved in.. and guess what? Jaesuk is there too..making me want to see the show so bad! Then i started to download this addicted to him!!! This time is much funnier..there's a change of characteristics in him..his 'bad boy' image has developed in this show.. SPARTA KOOK!!! Hohoo..i loikeee it!!

Running Man is basically another variety show that involves Korean celebrities in it. More like a games show..featuring Korea beautiful and well-known landmark or buildings, Running man challenged the physical and mentality of its contestant. The uniqueness of most of Korean show that i adore is how they actually promoting the beauty of their countries in every tv show they produced.. thumbs up!! Yeayy!! 
Celebrities involve in this show are Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo and Soo Jong Ki. Later, they add up Song Ji Hyo and Lizzy.

I'm still downloading the episodes..thanks to isubs for sharing this hilarious show ^^.
Or day will always be bored..haha..
Can't wait to see my KJK oppa and Gary oppa..huhu... can't wait how the loveline between Gary-Ji Hyo-Jong Ki will end..spice it up babehh!!
New Challenger..Jong Ki..
Love it when he makes Gary jealous.. ^^

Forever be Monday Couple
**Gary-Ji Hyo**

To those who never watch this show but watched Family Outing before.. well..WATCH THIS!!!
I guaranteed you'll love it too..ngee..^^

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