Sunday, October 30, 2011

October..from happiness to sadness.

I started my October with a smile and holidays...yeayyy!!!
I was on my core leave for two eeeeverything!!!
Happy..happy sgt2!!!

11Oct2011 - Normally when it comes to this date..we will celebrate his birthday. Who??? The only 'abang' yg aku ada..where no one else can replace him my now..he's gone..leaving me and everyone in this world forever.. Mood : Bit sad.

At the end of my core leave..17th October 2011.
Mr.Boyfie mother has been sick for a long time.. Aku sempat melawat & tido dengannye pada awal2 cuti core leave aku awal bulan October yg lalu.. Even though she;s not my mother..but I can feel her love towards her family. And I'm glad..she never too me as an outsider @ stranger every time I go and visit her. And dia amat merestui perhubungan aku dan anaknya. Terima kasih mak cik..

Mak cik pergi meninggalkn kami..Mr.Boyfie family dan semua yang mngenalinya buat slama2nya.. Lebih kurang jam 12, baby call and ckp..mak dah xde..aku yg terkejut..hanya mampu bsedih utk insan yg aku kasihi. Aku memahami perasaannye. Even masa my bapis pergi pon dlu aku dah rasa sedih yg teramat. It tooks me a long time before I could accept the facts that he's gone. Ini kan pula kehilangan someon yg berstatus IBU...MAK..UMI...bygkn... aku xpasti bgaimana pula nasibku andai suatu hari nnt mak yg mninggalkn aku.. 

To my baby..TAKZIAH atas pemergian ibunda yg tercinta. I will always be there for you. Walau pon kite xdapat nk tunaikan hasrat mak utk tgk kite syg pasti mak sntiasa mdoakn jodoh yg terbaik utk kite.

31 Oct 2011...
Waktu aku menulis ni..aku baru je lepas tgk semula video2 lama arwah bapis yg abah keluarkn utk adik.
30Oct2011..genap 2tahun bapis pergi meninggalkn kami. Smoga Allah mncucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Walaupon bapis dh xde..kami masih mngingati dan mnyayangi dirimu..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dream 2 : Accomplished!!!

At last!!! Second dream..success!! Yeehaaa... dream nk g holiday kat genting tercapai juga..huhu.
Sronok!!! Seronok sangat2!!! Tq Mr.Boyfie sbb bawak sye jalan2...
Wlaupon sye sronok..dapat gak naik roller coaster wlaupon pas ujan time tu..huhu..
Tp cedey..coz xpat naik keretapi comey ulat gonggok tu..pnat je brator..dh smpai depan leh rosak plak..cett!!

Neways...happy time nk pegi mne plak ek..hmmm..
Masih dlm prancangan..hihii..

Bsok dh start kje balik after 2 weeks core leave.
Mcm mlas mahu kerja lepas sudaa duduk rehat kt rumah seminggu lebey.. I come!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Bye2 red..frust xpat color nehh!!

Finally..dapat jugak my phone dreams..kaw2 punye ot last few months punye savings..
BERJAYA juga saye memilikinyer..

Sony Experia Neo..


Walaupon xdapat red black pown jadi arh!!

Tahun nie my adek2 pown raye with new phone..
Ayish just add new BlackBerry to his collection..
And my sis Iqa also bought Sony Experia X8..

So far...happy with the new phone..sgt2 larhh keseronok + ronok kan nnyerr!!!
Blue pown cantik kan?? Kan??
Haha..maaf DBP...sye mmg ske rosakkan bhasa..hihii

Next entries nnt i update all my shopping item for RAYA!!!

Walaupon i xdpt cuti and kna kerja time raye..
Tp dat thing never keeps my shopping mood down..howwyeaahhH!!!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm A Pet Lover..are you???

Hello u'olls..

Remember on my last entries..I promised to show you some of my baby kitties.. it go..enjoy!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New blog layout.. Yippiee!!!

Hello everyone!!!

It has been a long time seen i wrote the last entry. Been so busy with my work life. Yeahhh..damn busy.
I'm glad..feel blessed and lucky to have an opportunity to work there. Happy..yesss. Tired..a bit. Well..a lot actually.

Hmm..dh masuk Ramadhan pown skrg ni..first time bpuasa di tmpat kerja..berbuka bersama2 teman skerja. Not bad..dun feel tired at all. Why? Keje macam aku ni mane la nk sedar time. Bgun tido of coz dh tghari.. siap2..went to work. Piles of work make you busy and suddenly dh time to break fast. The not so best part is.. I still dun have chances to perform terawih. With my work time, i don't think I can. Even ada chances on weekend pown..I still dun go..haha. My bad..I admit that. Bukan xnak pergi..maybe sbb kerja yg sgt memenatkan, make me wanna rest without doing nothing as much as I could. Balik kerja at 3. Reach home at 3.30 am..trus sahur. Tggu subuh and then sleep. That has been my routine for now. Work till you die!! Hahhaaa...

Ermm...last sangat..balik kje mandi and my boo amik me at home and bring me out for sahur together, Sangat seronok!! Happy..rindu kt my boo sbb dh almost 3 weeks x jumpa. Last I join him and his family stay kt Garden Hotels. I'm glad his family treats me nicely. Huhu..the best part is..merasa tido kt hotel The Gardens KL tu..his mom insist me to stay the night with them..i couldn't say no..since it was his mom request. Orang tua ngajak,xkan kite nk say's not polite kan.. Tp best la hotel tu..turun bawah jln2 kt gardens and mid valley..merasa gak my baby rio msuk valet parking..hihii..

Skrg tgh kumpul dwet nk bli handphone bru... nak tunang lagi..sume nk pkai duit. First time aku kelam kabut mcm ni. I thought he was joking when he say 'Jom Tunang!!'.. Then I told him..ngarutla..kite kenal pon not dat long lagi.. No..i'm serious la..he said. Ok..ikutla..i ckp dgn dye. Then we drop the conversation.
Few days later..he raised the topic again. I never take it serious..coz for me, there's none..i mean previously my ex yg pnah serious till that part. Tp diz time..he really meant it. Hmm..i'm in a dilemma. It's not that I don't wanna get just.. there's so many think i need to prioritize first in my career, my family..
B..boleh x kite tangguhkn dulu all the plan??? I wish i could say that. but for now..dia dh snyap balik.. hehe. So I just keep it silent. Hopefully dia lupa daa..hihii..

Hmm..soon, I igt nk pindah to our former home @ Sunway. Since the renter tu dh finished his study and nk balik dia nk move out la. Then I ckp ngn my dad. Why don't u let me stay there?? Hmm..abah ckp 'it's not a big deal..but are you there to live alone in that 2 storey terrace house ALONE??' . Betul jugak tu..make me scared a lil bit since i'm a girl..but hopefully..dapatla. I really wanna stay at my own house. Senang. Skrg ni I rent a room. No furniture..tu pon dh RM300 per room..xmasuk api air lagi..hmm.. krete pon kna rebut2 gak nk parking. So f**king annoying. Dgn other housemate yg xreti bkemas lgi..masah wehh!! Aku sorg nk kna kemas. Hope sgt2..abah bg permission to live there. So, I boleh masak, duk sorg2 and have my own house.hepi..hihii.

Ok la, dh terang dah kt luar tu..nk main dgn my baby kitten 5 ekor bru lahir bout 1 month ago.. nnt I take some shot and share it okie?? Daa..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Double Trouble

Hmm..I'm still on fever when I'm writing this here. Feels so sick and nauseous..BUT..not because of this fever. But because of the unfinished issue of BERSIH here in this country. Yess...I agree with some of the points pointed by them. But the way they're doing it..was just sooo00000000 annoyying, troubling others and not so peaceful at all. Acting like doing it so properly but in the end..act like 'piece of trash'..yeahh..

I don't like politics..dats my stand view. But dat doesn't mean I don't give a damn shit bout it at all. I just know what i want to know..and what i should know. But to go waaayy deeper inside of, thanks.. not interested at all. I'm not on anybody

What make me hate it the most..
1) Since I'm working in the middle of KL..just nearby to Masjid Jamek..really close to Masjid Jamek.. I hate the fact that just because of this few stupid fellas threatened to rebelled in KL. I'm the one who has to face all the troubles to go to work. And not just me..I believed..all peeps that work in KL area felt the same way as I did. Police has to closed few roads..roadblock almost everywhere in town.. I have to faced traffic jams for hours.. my normally 15minutes work trip turn to almost 2 hrs trip..all thanks to BERSIH.. yeayy!! I have to go early to work..still stuck along the way..finish my work ASAP in order to went back home early. My boss have to wait for me and other staff  finished their work to ensure our safety. Yeahh..resulting bulks of outstanding and pending works for me to solve later. Hmm..hate this. NOT HAPPY. Why?? It disturb my life, my work and  my freedom!!

2) I thought this issue finished already. However, when I want to release my tension by facebook-ing.. still have few BERSIH supporter 'barking' here and there.. Please larhh..enough is enough. Don't u guys have any other works to do instead of visiting every webs and pages available...just to post few pics of bla2..doing wrong thing..treat bad to so called innocent people...bla2.. DUDE..HAVE A LIFE. Yess..we are democratic country..where people can speak their mind. But don;t just speak..u have right to vote when it comes to election. it there..instead of barking everywhere.. when someone ask..have you registered to vote for the upcoming election..the answer is always.. "" WTH??!! It just so annoying and irritating to see this kind of situation happened here. Malays@Melayu fighting with each other..other races just clapping, laughing and cheering for our foolishness...BRAVO MELAYU!!!

I have enough of this..hate bout all this stuff called POLITICS!! Ewww...

P/S: I wonder how long can I believes on Hang Tuah's words.. TAKKAN MELAYU HILANG DI DUNIA'
Sebab in my company..boleh kire brape kerat je melayu yg jdi boss..the  rest of it..non malays. SEDIH.. Why?? Sebab org melayu sume sebok berpolitik, sebok nk jd artis, sebok nk kje kilang...
Renung2kan lah..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gimme back my MEGAUPLOAD!!!!

Goshh!!! Thinkin' bout diz already make me piss off..

For the last few weeks, i keeps on wondering why i couldn't access to my megaupload website.. and I keeps on blaming my broadband for not connecting it thru.. Foolish busy with tonnes of work without realising what happening around me.. Until 1 day, i terbaca this article written by someone else blaming xxxxx for blocking few web sharing website. It listed 10 blocked filesharing website. I go thru the list from up..until the last one..there u go.. 10) Megaupload .


I keep on cursing while reading thru the article. No wonder i couldn't access the website. BS!! Arrgghhh!!!
And then i found another article related to this few artist boycott-ing ang ask to banned and blocked all the file sharing website.. Dalam hati tu panazzzzz siottt!! Pastu all of the faces yg kluar kt dat article holding some banner to blocked filesharing website tu pown sume "Not dat so popular" tiny mini artist je..yg cm cendawan tumbuh tepi jln tu..hidup segan mati xmahu.. (+) NORMAN KRU??!!! All start with Fredie Fernadez yg ngok2 tu..ciss!!!

Sorry to say this..I'm not bias to local artist esp Malaysian artist but pleezzzzzzzzz laa..
I do support Malaysian artist. I don't mind buying those original album..but make sure u'olls produce songs and album with quality. Contoh...Anuar&Ziana Zain, Faizal Tahir, Aizat Amdan, Raihan.. Siti Nurhaliza ( I admit, dia mmg ade all the quality...even though i'm not really her fan).. all the indies band..yes, peeps.. I salute and listen to most of the indie song..byk lgi. Tp lg byk lgi yg mngarut2 ni la..kan.. artist cm yg  ckp td.. idup segan mati xmahu. PASTU LAGU NYANYI NTAH HAPE2..HAMPEH,XLAKU..jd cm ni la.. takut dgn persaingan. Ciss..menang nk cara mudah jer..bweekkk!!!

To Norman KRU, aku respect giler ko..ur trio brothers mmg bg aku atr few artist cth yg bjaya pda aku.. and yes, i've grown up with ur music..awas,fanatic etc.. tp jgn la bg gua ilang respect sama lu bro.. Apa salah file sharing tu kt korg..owner or creator webpage tu ke yg upload lgu korg..xkan.. yg upload ntah manusia2 mana ntah ( tu pown klau ade yg upload la..kan? kan?)  Headache2!! Of coz cetak rompak is a problem kan.. but i dun think file sharing yg xde dosa kt korg tu yg bersalah..aiyoyoo!!! Pikir la wehh!! Len kali toksah dok produced artist2 yg xtalented lgsg kt Malaysia..naik semak dh aku tgk industry music malaysia yg sememangnye dh ce-noit je..pastu artis realiti bsepah2 cm semut2 je..semut tu pon tau nak rajin brusaha cri rzeki/mknan utk idup. Sume sebok nk jd artist..adehh. Pastu brebut2la nk dpt kn show..xdapat xde idup nk glamer sesajer..cmne nk idop..

1 more thing..toksah la nk perah-santan igt kteorg dok download album2 artis yg boycott tu.. Takde maknenyer..bak kate org ngori den ni ha.. MGABES BOREH yoo den nk download cito2 filem malaysia and lagu2 artis yg xsberapa ni ha.. Astro first kan hadoo..kot sangap bnar la nk tgk filem melayu ni kan..
Den ni arr..ado jo boli album artis cm den ckp td la..yg btul2 ade quality yg den sobut kek ateh tu.. Tp sbb skang ni lgu2 melayu sume hampeh...x seunik dan seindah lgu P.Ramlee & M.Nasir.. den klau byk dwet pon..msuk kdai cd g bli album koleksi lama2..lagi besh. cth cam wings & search or jamal abdillah..lgi sedap layan..hahahaaa..kan u'olls???? Muvie citer cam papadom pown aku bli kay..sebab besh! I loike~~

Ni la..saya nk bgtau kt pokcik2 and mokcik2 yg byk mbebel dan mboikot file sharing kt majlis aritu...
Toksahla nk prasan sgt..every single thing yg i download from the internet..sume K-POP & J-POP stuff only!!! Since dorg nye album and movie sgt susah and rare kt Malaysia market ni kan..igt kn, ade internet..tak payah la nk bazir2 dwet bli muvee korea n japan sampai ratus2..ribu2 cm dlu kan..nk kna bli kt e-bay and everything.. tp skang since korg dh block almost every access to filesharing tu..esp my MEGAUPLOAD.. tkde la maknanye lagi ade wifi2 & broadband2 yg laju speed dan power capacity nyer.. sebab HIDUP SAYA BUKAN SEKADAR NK B'FACEBOOK & B'TWITTER SAHAJA...OKAYYY!!! Owh ya..sape kate sy download tu free..internet tu i bayar ok..even though the content is free. Dh jd 'org pnting' pown xkn xphm istilah 'THERE IS NOTHING SUCH AS FREE GIFT'.. One of the basic foundation in economic kn...i still remember that quote..

Klau korang2s yg bajet bagus sgt nk boikot n sekat hak pguna internet cam kiteorg ni..igt dgn buat camni boleh tambah periuk nasi korg..buatla. Tapi jgn harap la aku nk support korg pasni.. Maju kan lah dri sndri tu dulu sebelum nk tuding jari nk salahkn file sharing ni okay..coz korg juz so irritating and loookkkkss sssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo damn PATHETIC!!!

And yess..after this most of my money dh kna spend balik ordering and buying dvds and album k-pop and j-pop la nampaknya... Hmm...



P/S: ME..benci dgn mereka2 yg sebok tuding jari kt bnda/org xsedar dri tu sndri yg tak BERKUALITI...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Juz another missing part of me..

Ola.. lama sgt x update diz blog.. juz smpat bukak kjap2 je.. Well, i've been busy diz few months. Dh almost 2 and half month kje kt HSBC Data Processing Malaysia..sgt2 sibuk. Super Busy!! Hehehe.. Kje yg sgt challenging..hopefully i'll survive there.. Well, nothing much happen to me. It just my status no longer single.. but 'in a relationship'. After couple of years living without love..a.k.a Mr.Boyfie.. But now, i can proudly say i have a bf..hahaha. Well, nothing change. I'm still the same person. Just dat i ada kawan to share my feelings..xkire la susah ke senang ker..kan? kan? For me..yg dh melonjak usia 25 years old nie..not yet, but soon to be.. rupa paras not an important anymore. As long as he knows who i am, accept me the way i am.. and support me in every thing i do..i feel so blessed already.

Yup, i'm happy. Mula2 dlu byk gaduh2 skang bile msg2 dh bz..and had less time to spent together..i guess, dat thing yg wat kami become close and treasure each other..huhu. And the best part is..he's started to show me the gentle side of him.. Anyway..still ade long time for us..just follow the flow and lihat je the end result nnt. Okie?? Hhehe.. Opss..lupe lak, to my boyfie..tq coz blanja i sandals Roxy and beli kan i new handbag kay..ske sgt!! Coz bag tu besar..juz like other bag yg i ske beli tu..and pasni i boleh sumbat a lot of things dlm bag tu nnt..hihii.. Hell yeahh!! Hahahaa..

Yes, i'm a bit busy with my career life rite now. Everything just on the right track..just like what i wished and planned before. To end my career with Celcom is the right choice for me. Bkn nk ckp kje tu xbagus.. it just no self satisfaction for work like hell and get 'busuk' punya income. Tak nak crite la kan.. but from dat experience, i've realised 1 thing for sure.. NEVER EVER BELIEVE IN YOUR SUPERVISOR!!! Why did i say that??? Hmm..dlu i was advised to quit in non proper way by my previous supervisor..sbb nnt i'll lose 3/4 of my salary.. However..i remembered asking her if my not dat so proper way to quit tu akn effect my upcoming career. Then she replied.. 'Takdelah..just nnt u xkn boleh apply kerja dkt VADS and ank2 syarikat jela'... Well, dat was the most stupid mistake yg i pernah buat.. LESSON TO LEARN day, if you're wanna quit or bhenti from work..bhenti cara elok kay..make sure you  follow the rules of the company.. One more thing, make sure before start the contract dat u won't get cheated mcm i dlu.. I was cheated to sign the contract urgently and without proper briefing.. Then xpuas hati i lari from work.. Quit without proper notice. Now, i kje in global company..and it did affect my career. Luckily, i appeal to HR and it was excepted.. Now, i boleh kerja dgn senang hati..hoorayyy!!!

Found diz on the internet..nice words though..
BUT bkn di tuju pada sape2 kay..
So, plz dun be such a bitchy person.
Ermm...ade jugak sket..mgkin rase sedey sbb rse dpergunakan and cheated by a friend. Kes duit la..ape lagi kan.. Biasa la, matter how close we are..but then anytime boleh back stab kan? Well...happen few weeks ago..i loaned my money to sum1.. xbyk pon..around seratus je..coz die ckp nk guna byr bil..gaji xmasuk lgi. Since i bru dpt gaji and quite close gak ngn i mlas amik pusing, i tolong. Janji nk byr bile dpt bile dpt gaji snyap je kan..xde hulur2 balik.. I malas nk mintak..phm2 sndiri sudah la kan.. NOW, end of month..aku plak yg kering. Plus, kete ade rosak2 ade la kna repair pe yg patot. So, i mintak la my hutang balik..ckp ngn dia, xbyr full..half pon jdi la. Tap2tup..smpai skarg haram jadah xde respon. Senyap!!! Cntact aku pon xde dah skarang..cmtu ke kawan??? Ckp ngn aku xde mnabur cghite kt fb g tgk wyg la..wt rmbut la..mcm2..ade lak dwet..cmne nk pcaye kate xde dwet..tul x? Okla..xkisah la, mgkin ko xde btul xde duit.. tp rm10, 20.. xleh hulur dlu ke.. Tkleh ke tanya khabar aku ni..boleh survive ke x lgi. Pikir la weh..ko duk ngn parent..papehal, mkn ke boleh mkn kt umah lgi.. Aku dh tentu2 duk umah bujang..nk masak pown cm xtau la umah yg aku duk tu cmne..dh tentu2 kna bli mkn..pkai ape? Duit kan.. G kje? Parking? Byr pkai ape??? Duit dowhh... Agak2la..time susah aku tlg.. time aku susah leh wt dono je kan.. YES!! Mmg aku pown ada mak bapak aku xnk la pkai dwet dorg..dh aku hulur nk mintak balik..klau aku ade duit yg leh pkai aku mintak la balik.. Salah ke aku mintak hak aku..tak kan???
It's me!!! ;d
Aku xde la kesah at least klau ko xmampu byr lgi..ko tepon aku bgtau..dh try cri xdpat ke hape..pndai2la ko nk mbongak kan.. Haishh..hangin plak aku tetibe mlm ni..cehh!!

Pendek kate..spnjang aku x update blog nie..mcm2 benda yg jd..cume xsmpat je nk story mory kt cni..hehe. Whatever it is..stay cool, stay strong..believe in myself.. Insyaallah, I'll survive..

Ok then, rsa nye enough la kan.. Until next time...chill kay.. =D

ME..hate it when people I call friends try to mess with my life..

Thursday, February 24, 2011 I???

Hello there people!! Greetings.. Well.. I'm back here..telling you another stories of my life..dun care whether there's someone who really read this. Lol.. the title mention above, the question keeps on popping in my head recently. SHOPAHOLIC.. am I really a shopaholic??? I'm not sure how to categorize myself..but honestly..after considering my shopping pattern and so hard to admit that i actually belongs to the category. BUT..not to the extent of extreme shopaholic like the one we saw on "Confessions of a Shopaholic" that movie though..yeayy!! Why did i consider myself belong to the group? Hmm...that's quite difficult to explain..but i'll try my best to analyse myself.. XD
Love this movie!!! <3

First of all..i looooooveee MONEY! Yes, i do. And i loooooveeeee spending it. Even if i have few ringgit all can gone in few me, if people gave me RM1 million, i can totally spend it in 1 day buying everything i ever dream of..BUT there's only IF..hehe. I don't know when i developed this bad habit..but it suddently just there. I have a strong desire to buy something. It doesn't have to be the expensive long as i can buy something..i'll feel so satisfied. The tendency of buying something is really out of control now. 

Forgot to mention..i'm currently unemployed..and the only income for me is from selling dvd..i can only get around RM50-60 per week if there's demand. Beside from that, the rent money from my house in KJ..not much though..but still count as money. This feeling of buying something can become worst if i'm stress. During my university level..when i'm stress..i'll just go to the mini shop/mart and take everything i can see or eat. Sometimes, the things that i bought..are not necessary. I think..the feeling of buying something become wild and worst after my graduating.

During my study, I do save a lot of money. I'm the one who will not spend money on mags, novels, scarf, dress etc like any other girls my age will do. But i did spend on make up..depends on my budget. Yessss..i do have my tiny weenie black book of budget. Since i only received quarter of the loans, so i depended on the allowance money from my dad which i'll receive monthly. I'm not the one who likes riding on public, i prefer to stay at the dorm and playing with my laptop. I don't like to hang around with other girls since they have difference perspective, preference and interest from me. I only have few friends that i really closed to until today..and i don't like other girls do. When i come to class, i'll just go, sit, listen to the lecture and when straight to the hostel. I considered myself as independent person b'coz i go solo..i don't registered same subject with my other friends..i've come to class alone. Coz by doing so, i can meet many new person and friends. Even i prefer to go solo, doesn't mean i don't socialize myself. I do..but only when i have to. I just don't like to mingle around and waste my time on something unbeneficial or detrimental for me. Hence, from that attitude plus the budget constraint..i've ended up saving few hundred ringgit. 

Back to the stories.. After graduating, i decided to rest few month before searching for job. So, with no job to handle..i start to know online shopping was great though. I found a lot of things that interesting especially when it come to plus size thing~ie.. beautiful shoes with extra size, plus size clothing.. accessories... zillions of thing!! If I want to list all of will took foreverr!! Can u imagine?? When everything become all yours in 1 click only. Everything is on your fingertip. Hahh!! 

From there also I learn the application of online banking..thats the positive part of this. I started to experience managing my account using online banking which was quite new for me before. Well, I do enjoy all the experience..there was time when i've become crazy and excessive in shoppings..but now, i think i've started to have control in handling myself with these problem. I'll start a new career soon..which pay me more salary than previous employment..insyaallah. I really need to get hold of myself again and start looking back to my tiny wheenie black book of budget.. Hmm.. i wonder where i put that book..haha.

After so long not writing in here, I think i've wrote too much this time in this post. But..nobody care,rite? Before I'll go, I'll leave u'olls fews sneak peak of my crazee shopaholics world..see ya! Daa..  

This is my latest shoes collection..chestnut. Bought it at few weeks ago.
Really me!
This is one of my collection of purse and hand bag..both in grey and silver color. Love it!
I've bought this t-shirt when i broke up with's an inspiration for me. 
This is one of my fav white comfy and it's white. But unfortunately, I lost half of the sandals..poor me,kan??
This lovely tam hat is from lola anne shop..and's white!!
This lovely dress is one of my favourite from styliciousplus..great material, great quality..daebakk!!
This is my funky polka dots flat shoes..just totally into polka dots plus the black&white elements..
Bought these cap at RM8 rite? But i love the color though.. =)

This is my latest spending..half cardi..white the puffy elements on the shoulder.
Bought it at jessabellapluzsizestealz.blogspot
Love this blouse..not too excessive look. Just simple and nice..
The belt also match the grey color blouse. Both item also from it!

p/s: I really need to searched back the old me..budget Sabrina..BUDGET!! =(

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Addictions on 'RUNNING MAN'..

RUNNING MAN...another show that make laugh like shit! Lol..
Starting to my addiction towards FO season 1, and now this.. Really love Korean damn funny. Lmao.

From left: (back) Kwang Soo,JaeSuk, JongKi, SukJin, Jong Kook
(front) JiHyo,Gary, Lizzy,Haha
How can i be addicted to it..starting from my addiction to my beloved Jong Kook oppa.. (saranghaeyo oppa.. ^^) ngee...i start to miss him action again.. so i started to googling info on him again..and found this new show he's involved in.. and guess what? Jaesuk is there too..making me want to see the show so bad! Then i started to download this addicted to him!!! This time is much funnier..there's a change of characteristics in him..his 'bad boy' image has developed in this show.. SPARTA KOOK!!! Hohoo..i loikeee it!!

Running Man is basically another variety show that involves Korean celebrities in it. More like a games show..featuring Korea beautiful and well-known landmark or buildings, Running man challenged the physical and mentality of its contestant. The uniqueness of most of Korean show that i adore is how they actually promoting the beauty of their countries in every tv show they produced.. thumbs up!! Yeayy!! 
Celebrities involve in this show are Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, Lee Kwang Soo and Soo Jong Ki. Later, they add up Song Ji Hyo and Lizzy.

I'm still downloading the episodes..thanks to isubs for sharing this hilarious show ^^.
Or day will always be bored..haha..
Can't wait to see my KJK oppa and Gary oppa..huhu... can't wait how the loveline between Gary-Ji Hyo-Jong Ki will end..spice it up babehh!!
New Challenger..Jong Ki..
Love it when he makes Gary jealous.. ^^

Forever be Monday Couple
**Gary-Ji Hyo**

To those who never watch this show but watched Family Outing before.. well..WATCH THIS!!!
I guaranteed you'll love it too..ngee..^^

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fasha Sandha?? Delima Sakti???

Hahaa..sori, kasi tutup sket..
Hmmm..lately i've been so busy with my,tkde mase nk update my blog. With my health right now yg semakin merundum..haa..rse sgt saket and x bersemangat. Diz few days kecoh pasal few unexpected news yg grab my attention.. First, issue pasal Fasha Sandha a.k.a 'Fasha Sendat' berbikini di funny. Reading how people reacts to the news. HELLOOOooo!!! Macam la benda nie sumting yg unexpected from someone yg come from entertainment industry. And as always..jwpn selamat yg di beri.. "SAYA JUGA MANUSIA YG TAK LARI DRI KESILAPAN".. No matter she or anybody else yg ter'exposed' a.k.a. terkantoi kan dri sendri selama nie..tu mmg jwpn yg wajib cakap la kn..haha..  Issue berbikini ni pon bukan baru lagi..dlu si ank pontianak, belum yg tembikai selambak..bykla.. Klau xpkai bikini pon.. dats boobs mmg ske di tayang2kn oleh artis2 Malaysia yg bajet western neh..toksah ckp sape la..klau nk list,bersepah sgt kowt! Neway, respect to those artis yg masih ade rse malu nk bpakaian open cmtu..hehe. Hahaa..benda terang lagi bersuluh..ade plak yg bangang siap support lgi action mcm ni.. I'm not that good either but still.. benda dh terang2 a lil'bit too MUCH kan.. xyah la nk tegakkn benang yg basah lagi.. Betul x?? Umur pon dh mningkat..kot iye pon moden sgt..dh xkesah psl maruah dri pon..AT LEAST..think bout ur PARENT nye maruah..tul x?? Hmm..sian kt mak bapak yg kna tempias..free2 dpt dosa ank skali. Well, enuf of diz. 

One more thing, pasal this new drama kt TV3..SAKTI DELIMA..cian kan kena stop immediately. Hmm..actually, mse preview iklan kt tv, rse cam best je citer. But yg jdi kn i interested nk tgk sbb barisan pelakon dia. Most of them are pelakon yg dh btudung..Alhamdulillah.. Tp bile bce bout this issus kt paper td, rse cm frust sgt2. Alasan yg diberi oleh Lembaga Penapisan Filem (LPF) for me is... BULLSHITT!! 
Alasan kerana drama tersebut dikatakan mempunyai unsur syirik dan tahyul ketara yg boleh memesongkn akidah islam. What a fool nonsense!! Bongok punye alasan.. Haisshh..ble pk jd marah plak! Klau la nk pertikaikn psl isu sedemikian, tu citer dongeng indonesia yg melambak2 kt tv3 tu pegi hentikan dulu. Lagi bersepah2 unsur tahyul ngn syirik!! Klau dikatakn memesongkan akidah..tuuu..nun sana filem2 melayu yg konon nyer sebagai pngajaran, terselit2 adegan clubbing,peluk sana peluk cni, minum arak, main bohsia, rempit etc2.. tu pegi STOP kan dulu! Tu la masalah filem kt Malaysia ni susah nk maju..asal nk maju sikit jer, ade yg bongok gi hentikan usaha ank jati negara nie. Tapi bile filem2 dan drama2 luar yg mrapu2 dan mrepek2 cerita nyer..lepas la plak.. Klau ckp tgk drama DELIMA SAKTI ni leh jd sesat..fuhh, giler dasat arhh penangan tahyul citer ni..haha..lawak2! Wehh..aku bukan nk ckp pe la..klau xde drama ni pon dh bsepah org melayu and muslim yg memang dh sesat pown.. Drama2 antu melayu yg puja sana sini, jumpa bomoh2, antu ngarut2 tu tak tahyul kerr??!! Kadang2 bongok gak kn LPF ni..benda yg besar patut di tapis, xkena benda yg se'coet' mcm ni sibuk nk tapis... PIGI DAHH..BOLEH JALAN!! Cett!!..

p/s: ME..nyampah ngn alasan2 bongok cmni..hahaaa.. ~PeaceNo War~