Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kerja oowhh kerja..PART IV

Rasanyer dh lama sgt xupdate diz blog. New life, new job, new house. Currently living in Selayang, Selangor. Not dat far from uia gombak..but still.. i love it here. Today is my second day of work. Sgt penat..but couldn't sleep yet. Luckily mg digi broadbank is no longer 'berukband'.. sudah dapat connect kmbali.. Dh 3 ari xonline due to no internet connection..sgt sedey.. =(

First day at work..
Quite fun! Sgt sronok..super duper sronok! Meet new friends yg come from different background..with different experience. Briefing n contract signing session with agency. And then balik. 

Second day at work..
Which is today..i start my shift work today. Yesterday started early in the morning. Well not dat morning, 08:45 but dri slayang dh kna kluar awal..7.30 dh kna cabut woo000..hihii.. Today, relax sket. Masuk kul 4.00 pm and balik at 12.00 midnight. Tp arini dpt early release..11.20pm dh balik. Letih sgt! Coz too many things too remember. Learning all Celcom products, plan and rates. Dizzy busy..huhu. Today, my 'awak' anta g kje. Coz today balik midnight takut plak nk park kreta kt luar. So, mintak tlg my 'awak' send me..and fetch me home. Cian dia..curi waktu rehat dia n amik i balik. Sorry awak, coz ssh kn awk n thanks coz concern bout my safety. Dun worry, pandai la sye jaga diri nnt. =)

Second day away from home..
Abah keeps calling me..dia risau bout me. I'm glad to have 'abah' like you.. Thank You abah..
I miss my 'lil babies'..Shinbei & Hikaru.. miss them mucho2! I'm sure they miss me too.. xsabar nk tggu weekend, nk balik rumah and bring along my babies here..sgt merindui mereka.. =(

My babies..Shinbei & Hikaru

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