Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kerja oowhh kerja..PART III

Akhirnyer...pggilan yg di nanti tibe actually bkn pgglan..but SMS okay..hihii. SMS berbunyi..

       "Dear All, Hi! This is Shakun from HirePlus. Congratulations on your selection with the CELCOM Project.
        Kindly drop by my office at Wisma MPL today or tomorrow to sign and collect your contract.
        Should you require any further clarifications, please feel free to call xx-xxxx xxxx for further clarifications.
       Also, kindly bring along 2 passport size photographs. Thank You."

Sok,xyah drive. Abah promised nk drop me there since dye nk g kl gak. Tp pgi tu kna follow dye g amik EO kt Putrajaya. Hepi... Tak sabar nk kje nnt..gains my own money, meet new friends and experience new environment. Sgt2 happyyyyyyyy!!! Yeayyy!!! =)

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