Friday, October 8, 2010

SS501+HJ oppa+WGM..

SS 501
Urmm..tetibe trase nk mnulis bout dis band..been admiring the beauty n talent of this grup since past 2 years.. Listening to their songs and watch any shows i can watched during my free time..haha. Actually..dah lama tau bout diz grup..since their 2nd single..SNOW PRINCE..but during dat time i juz dgr dis song only..but not really into dat group.. Officially, they manage to debuted in June 8,2005 if i'm not mistaken with WARNING (1st single). From what i heard..during 2006..they're not dat active. I thougt diz group will disbanded at first..but miraculously they showed up with their other singles..UNLOCK and FOUR CHANCES.. Their came back was actually to promote their 1st album.. S.T.01 NOW.. I lost track of dis group for a while due to my insufficient of internet connection during dat time.. (still in Matrics UIA)..

WGM 1st four couple
Along the ways..time past by so fast..i become addicted to korean movies..but not yet into k-pop world. The only korean song that i enjoyed is the OST of the movies..which reminded me of the movies itself.. However, at the end of friends NANA introduced me to one variety show that change my heart forever! We Got Married (WGM) show which became a phenomenon during that time..people are crazee bout this show! Goshh!! WGM is a variety shows that give audience their dream marriage couples among celebrities. Among the first four couple that attracts millions of fan is Alsin couple (Alex&Sinae), Andy&Solbi couple, Ant couple (Crown J& Seo In Young) and Sangchu couple (Kim Hyun Joong & Hwangbo)..

HJ oppa!
Yeah..KIM HYUN JOONG..HJ oppa!!! Ngee..i fell in love with his weird character in this But dats true.. But,during that time i still didn't notice he was in SS501..only after a few episode i realize he was one of the I start 'googling' bout dis band..and finally realized that I've listened their songs few years ago..haha..funny.. So, i start to track back what I've been missing this few years. i am now..writing bout this my blog. Someone used to tell me that dis band doesn't have so much talent as other k-pop bands.. Hey..listen this! Screwed ya! Dun care wut u think at all! I love the music they sing..   I do love other k-pop artist too..but it doesn't mean i must stop supporting them though.. bwekkk!! =P
I enjoyed listening to every genres of music..dun have any bias. Music is universal..rite? No need to discriminate..if u dun like it..then dun listen to it..fullstop! No need to give out ur bad reviews..we dun want to hear or read that.. Fuhh!! Look at the picture..isn't he cute?? =)

Aren't they cute??
Well, back to the stories.. SS 501 has five members.. Leader Kim Hyun Joong, Sexy Charisma JungMin, Prince Young Saeng, Maknae Kim Hyung Joon and Center Kim Kyu Jong. What make them special? Hj oppa can play guitar very well..good looking, pretty, shy and the best in dancing..and now trying his best in his acting career. Jungmin has a cheeky character, very playful and to tease people, polite n funny too. Kyu Jong is very soft, polite and cool. He's a gentle person.. look kind-hearted and a bit shy. Hmm.. Young Saeng for me is a shy person..bit quite. Cool..have a really nice voice that really suits ballads song so well..high range voice tone..and really took care of his appearance esp hair..haha. Maknae( youngest) Hyung Joon..pretty, cute..funny..trying too hard sometimes.. has a great voice.. his voice reminded me of Ronan Keating (Boyzone)..a bit similar to that. When i think of him..his cuteness can be best to describe him.. =D.
Well, this is only the character that i can describe based on my interest in them..from what i see on their attitude during shows and songs. This is wut i THINK..okay? Might be wrong though..

The year 2009 & 2010 shows a really drastic changes in their music and appearance.. Maybe due to the increasing of age and experiences..we can see how this band has matured from a prince in 2005 to such handsome and gentlemen persons in 2010. However it matter what..this group will always get my support.. I can see their sincerity in entertaining their fans in every concert and shows they've involved in. No matter whether they are in group or individual activities.. I'm sure they will be doing well. Enough for today..see u all in other post soon.. PeaceOneLove.. =)

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