Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kerja oowhh kerja..

Hmm..sape xnak kerja?? Aku rzeki lom ader lagi la.. Abah ckp.."bangun pagi2..biar pintu rzeki tu luas sikit". Tp aku.. "Malas la,bgun pg2 pon wtpe,bkn de org kt umah.." Hmm..aku mmg degil. Tp nk wt cmne..bukan aku x usaha. Yes, mmg dh de yg offer aku kje..not dat memilih..but kje tu doesn't suit me at all. Klau accept takut xtbawak kerja tu.. Sales..aku leh jd salesgirl nk jd telemarketer/call centre yg wt outbound call for sales sgtla susah for me. Knapa? Coz aku pon xske klau org nyah sape2 kol aku nk sell some products..n aku pnah marah org for calling me to sell some stupid products..dun even know where they got my number..goshh!! Sebab tu aku xske,coz i might be yelled by sum1 if i accept the job. One more thing, i dun think i have passion to do dat kind of job..

Yes, i'm looking for call centre job,but inbounds call centre. Sum1 used to ask me.."Why Call Centre? Bkn ko de degree in BBA ke??" answer is easy.. First, the salary seems high for a fresh graduates. Second, i dun mind working late at night/shift..coz i'm a 'burung antu' kind of person. My eyes will be so bright at nite..juz couldn't sleep early no matter how much i try EXCEPT i'm so damn tired dat day. Third, i'm seeking for the fundamentals of customer service at the basic level..instead of becoming executive w/out knowledge..i'll prefer to start from the bottom. Owwhhh god..i really need fast answer rite now..most of my application clearly stated 'under consideration' status. Nk apply byk2 krg takut nnt byk sgt plak yg accept dlm satu mase. Hmm..really need to get out from here. Dh gatal2 dh ni..cannot stay at home anymore, need to do some work and get money from it.. So,sape2 ade kerja ksg..meh r offer kt aku..hahahaa.. =)

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