Sunday, October 3, 2010

I miss my Angel.. =')

The day when we love each other..and we still do now..
in our heart.FOREVER!!
Few hour left before my convocation days..feel so sad coz only my parents will join me tomorrow..none of my siblings will be there 2 celebrate with me. If bapis was still alive, he will surely go n support me like he always do when i'm in trouble. At a time like this..i really2 miss him. Its hard to live and go through this life since he go away. He left all the responsibility to me when i still need him to be with me by my side.. But what have been written by god has already been done. FULLSTOP. I miss him.. God, I really miss him.. Dunno why i feel so emotional tonight. I've been hurt again n again.. and i need u by my side..really..i do. Without i even almost 1 year has passed. May u rest in peace.. even though we always fighting and jealous with each other..but i know..when i'm down u will always gonna be there for me.. You will always be in my mind..and my heart.. FOREVER!! I love you..always!

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