Sunday, October 31, 2010

How my big world turn small..

Ola..lame dh rsenyer x open diz blog. Lame xlame mnela..huhu.'s my update. 4 days ago..i received a phone call calling me for an interview. And i accept. With the help of my fren, the next day i went for an interview..the first interview in my life..well professionally la.. Interview utk kje2 bese ni byk kali dh..but this is the first after my degree. Feel so nervous the night before, even nk tdo pon.. i juz couldn't closed my eyes..xtau pukul brape bru aku terlelap. Nak di jadikn lawak nyer..level nervous aku smpai pgi tu nk turun tangga pon rse nk jatuh coz lutut aku ketaq sgt! Hahaa..feel so damn nervous.   Dh la a bit late mse tu..but luckily dat lady yg interview us to friendly bangat! Rse comfy sgt mse kt dlm room tu.

Funny Ads!! Hahha.

But..nk di jadikn crite, how my world turn the opposite direction when this big world became small dat day. Yeah..i met him there..wut a coincident, rite? Sejauh2nyer aku cube blari dri dia..y must i met him there. YES, i admit..even dh break off few years ago..kteorg still in a good relationship..still friends.. But, i really hope to not met him again esp after i knew bout his new relationship. I feel so weird dat day..but yet i still pretends that i'm cool with it. I wish i didn't knew the fact..bkn jealous..seriously..i'm TOTALLY over him. But mgkin sbb i used to be so closed to him..and extra fact he really do fell in love with the girls yg i have intuition about since the day he introduced her to me. Gerak hati aku mmg dh pnah tdetik dia mcintai gadis itu. Sbb tu di awl hubungan kami suatu ketika dulu, aku pernah cube memutuskn ikatan atr kami.

However, jangkaan ku tepat skali. He did fell in love with her now. No wonders dat girl dh xsenyum kt aku bile kteorg tserempak kt centre.. coz slalunyer dia akn tgur aku..but suddenly ble trserempak je..dia akn senyum mcm org bsalah kt aku..since dat aku dh bajet bnda ni..juz xde proof jer.. But b4 diz pon ramai org dh ckp kt aku nmpk dia n 1 girl dating.. but since aku mmg dh anggap dia kawan.. aku juz ckp ngn yg smpaikn kt aku tu.. "Bagusla..i wish him the best". I'm glad he met new love.. But honestly..nape dat girl nk senyum fake kt aku kn..i'm totally ok with it. Juz for me..since die dh ade new girl..i guess i shud stay away. Sbb tu aku xcntact dye lgi..

But,nk di jadikn crite..maybe its fate. I met him at the interview..haha. Aku juz xnk nnt org salah aggap dgn our good friendship esp now dye dh de gf. Aku xpe..aku leh baik ngn mne2 lelaki since i'm always be single.. coz aku mmg xnk de pkwe lgi..ckupla dgn skandal2 aku yg bsepah utk aku handle tu..haha. I dun need special bf for a moment..enuf with bf yg friends ONLY! Fullstop.  Kecik kn dunia nie..sbesar2nye Malaysia ni cmne leh jumpe kt d same interview yg only 3 peeps je attend. Me,him n his friends..haha..bile d pk2 balik..rse funny pon ade..haha. Aku siap citer kt member2 aku..sumenye shock gile..haha..dorg ckp mmg dh jodoh kot..haha. Another funny statement.. no la..xmgkin. It's already in the past..once i've decided to put everything behind me..then there's no turning back.

In the future, we might meet again..mgkin..who knows kan?? But.. hopefully i'll be fine and so were him. Sperti mane aku baik dgn ex2 aku yg len..hopefully mcm tula aku ngn dye. Tak rapat n xjuge mbenci each other.. =)

p/s: nothing is impossible in this world except waking up death people..haha!

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