Saturday, October 2, 2010

A hole in me..

Lama rsenye x update blog..been bz for a too many pressure to handle.. Today,my cousin sulung punye wedding..neway balong,CONGRATS on ur wedding day!! To k.diana..welcum to da family. 4th October is coming near..dunno why i dun feel like celebrating diz stuff. Something bothering me..but i dunno wut it is.. Something juz doesn't feel right..there's sumthing missing deep inside Still couldn't figure it out.. DAMN!! All of my fren told me how excited they are with diz upcoming new clothes..everything new! But me..juz dun feel like buying things..

Today..rse pnat sket..maybe bcoz not enough rest n sleep diz few ptg after the wedding, balik trus tdo.. sangat pnat! Mlm bangun..after dinner..suddenly MR.FEVER gave me a visit.. Aarghhh!! Dun feel so good..couldn't sleep bcoz of this headache n flu..hate myself for being sick like this.. Juz bcoz i couldn't sleep i decided to give u a visit..yeah..u is referring to beloved blog..haha! I hope i can spread my flu virus to u..hahaha... The cat juz poop again at my living hall..baka neko! But no need to worries..sumbody gonna clean dat mess 2mrw..haha.. Not me..owhh yeahh!!

My Jong Kook oppa!! Fantasy bf..haha!
Writing bout how i feel really lift the burden i feel inside.. Feel much better now.. even though MR FLU and MR HEADACHE dun seem wanna leave yet. Nah..let it be..i guess i should invite Mr and Mrs Panadol more frequently then.. ngee.. =D Juz remember..few days ago..I accidentally watch diz vids by Mighty Mouth..entitled SMILE..first i see 2AM grup in dat vids..follw by Uee..and other k-pop artist. And then...goshh!! Jong Kook oppa!!! Owhh god!! His smile melt my heart..haha.. Knowing him from Family Outing (season 1) variety shows already make me fell in love with him..he's just so adorable.. He's Dunno why..the 1 dat capture my heart to watch dat series is him.. Jong Kook oppa.. I miss him since dat shows finished..not many updates on his activities on the internet currently. Wish i could join his fan website..but everything is in korean..wish i could read n understand them.. =(
BUT..wutever it is..seing dat vids on MTV really lighten my mood yesterday..n i directly searched and downloaded the vids..dun care bout the long as JK oppa is in there..haha..

Time now is 03:41 am..i guess i should sleep.. My morning siren will open her speaker if i wake up late again tomorrow morning.. I guess i'm the CINDERELLA of this house.. and my duty is satisfy everyone wishes and hope!! Plus..doing all work chores.. getting all the blames..and sacrificed myself for everyone happiness. Dun worry..i'll keep dat dark secret and put it away deep inside me..till the day i'll die.. =) SMILE!!!

A smile that melts my heart n soul.. XD
p/s: I fell in love with JK Oppa character in Family Outing only!! I wish i can get a bf dat have pretty smile and a hot body like him..haha!! Damn HOT!! I loike it!!! XD

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