Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fair & Lovely-Pathetic Ads

Living at home especially after done my degree give me a lot of time to enjoy myself by watching tv. So, bykla crite yg aku follow and iklan yg aku tgk tselit2 antara celah crite. But 1 ads really caught my attention. As a former business student, when i see an ads, i dun really just see it..i'm looking through it in every possible angle and perspective. How they market the product? The storyline..everything.. Well, bukan nk critics..but honestly..i think fair n lovely way too much bullshit. The storyline is okay..but the problem is on the model they're using in the ads. Well, I'm not blaming the model.. BUT the one that should be blame here is the CASTING CREWS..nothing wrong with the model (Juliana Evans). She's pretty, no doubt bout it.
Juliana Evans
Sape xknal Juliana Evans kan..

Well, back to the stories.. bout this stupid ads..fair n lovely ads..i'm sure all of u pernah watch dat ads kt tv kan..

Why did i say it bullshit and full of craps??? 

Well, tgk models pon dh tau. This is Malaysia okay..not overseas..if u're using dat ads utk viewer outside Malaysia, then maybe u can sell the products by cheating to your viewer bout the effectiveness of the products. Dun blame u though coz byk ads kt tv all lying to the customers.. But, come on!! Malaysia?? Sume org dh tau la how dat girl smemangnye dh cantik and already PUTIH MELEPAK!! No need to cheat people by showing those stupid differences from dark skin to fair skin. People already knew how fair her skin is..goshh!! I wish i could get those pics showing her skin differences that they're using in the ads, but couldn't find 1. But, its okay..i think u can watch it on tv pon kan.. Even the make up mase dye browse dat product and talk to the promoter girl pon dh nmpk fake giler.. Please la..people are not dat stupid..

Knape aku kesah??
Mgkin org akn ckp..lantak la,iklan je kot...biar la dye nk wt iklan cmne pon.. Well, sorry to disappoint all of u peeps, but i will always monitor everything since i learn business study. I'm a biz student after all. Bukan brag or berlagak..but its one of the process learning for me.. Macam mane dunia advertisement and business nk maju if they keep on doing this big mistake that seems so small to them. So, send my message to all advertisement person.. if u wanna make some iklan..esp on tv.. jgn fikir if u have such a beautiful ladies on ur ads akn wt org tertarik on ur ads.. YES,sometimes sex appeal esp women can be an attraction to ur product.. But b4 u do so..think first whether it's really suits your purpose of the products and it suitability to the viewers.
Jgn buat iklan secara rambang..use your knowledge and BRAIN to think outside of the box.. think beyond people expectation. When i watch dat ads pon..the first word that come out of my mouth is..RUBBISH!!! So..plz la..make some worthy ads..n not juz an ads..with no meaning in it. Coz u juz spend your money advertised it on tv and mags on such a rubbish materials. Bukan ke tujuan iklan tu spatutnye myakinkan org tentang kberkesanan product tersebut.. Klau org sume dh tau ttg Juliana Evans yg smemangnye dh putih since lahir lagi..wtpe nk used her as ur model lagi.. Kt situ pon terang2 dh tunjuk yg not ur product yg make her putih like that.. I couldn't say more to the ads except..SORRY..coz ur ads and ur product just genuinely FAKE!!! 

This is wut i see from my own perspective..dunno what other will think.. So please..grown up! Make a real commercial ads.. From wut i see, i dun think those who create n sell dat Fair n Lovely products really believe in their product ability. If u are..then prove it! Use a real life people as ur model..prove to the world how good ur product is..okay?? Make her pretty..hmm..

ME.. Bosan dgn iklan yg merepek2 mcm ni.. B.O.R.I.N.G.

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