Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convocation day+ normal days

d-Day I graduates
Never thought convocation day can be dat tired..even wat majlis org kawen pon dlu xrse this tired. Selesai sudah sgala2nye.. Not like everyone else yg giler2 amik pics photo siap leh hired professional photographer lagi juz for the sake nk amazing pictures..dun blame them though.. Its hard to get juz a piece of degree paper..haha! Wutever.. Well, i did it. But no glamourus pictures for me..juz enough if its only for ma fren n family. I like it that way. But a bit sedih..coz during convo period, i actually able to identified who are truly is my fren..

Sometimes, we happened to be closed to sum1..a fren.. but did they really treat us the way we treat them..dun think so. Well, i have this bunch of fren like need to mention name. We know each other for soo000 long..yet..she didn't change at all. But, itu la mnusia kn.. bile susah sibuk cri kite.. bile senang.. HARAMM KEJADAH!! But its okay.. i dun really needs fren like this in my life.. The other person..used to be my roomates.. but after graduating..she disappeared. When she sms or call me juz for the sake of asking for some information..not even to say hi at all.. What am i?? Some kind of information counter to her or wut?!! Geeshh!! Sungguh benci pde gerangan mnusia sperti ini.. Papepon..lantak korg la..pasni pon aku dh xjumpe korg da.. pndai2la hidup..klau xnk hidup di benci org.. bwk2la brubah yea..
Tq Big Daddy..luv ya..muaahh!!
Okay..enuf for graduation day..back to normal days. Dis 2 days, badan sakit2 la..dunno y. Rse letih yg teramat sgt wlaupon xde la wt kje berat pon. Hmm..nape yek? Bsok dh start tlg mak auntie wt preparation for my cousin wedding day this upcoming Sunday..its gonna be a bz2 day! Mesti punyerr arr!! Haha.. Mata pon dh sleepy bangat dh ni..nk lyn family outing sat..pastu tdo arh.. Tomorrow awaits me! Daa~

p/s: To all my lovely friends..yg bg gifts n flowers..tq so much! Nntkan kdatangan sye di majlis convocation anda tahun hadapan. Insyaallah.

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