Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparation for upcoming convocation..

  Selesai sudah sgala urusan utk convocation 4 Okt nnt...jubah siap! Invitation card ade..multimedia card pon set! Huhu..yg xde..bju baru utk cnvo..n tudung cream bru..haha.. Baju tu xkesah sgt..tudung tu yg pnting. Bzaman dh xpkai tudung bawal ni..haha..slalu men sarung jer.. yg slalu lgi mmg togel le..haha.. Nama je blaja kt uia tp..hampehh! haha..not dat i xnk btudung fully..but i'm still not ready to be dat person yet. Yes, mgkin ramai yg akn ckp aku ni sngaja mncari alasan..but everyone has its own opinion and stand..rite? Seandainyer di takdirkn suatu hari nnt sye memilih utk btudung spenuhnyer..sye mahu diri dan tgkah laku sye juge seperti seorg gadis yg berpewatakan sepertinyer.. What i did today is juz for the sake of my mum...utk kpuasan hati nyer. Yesss..i've been a hypocrite person in terms of diz..but i have no choice.. Sorry mak, i wish u were as open as abah is.. Islam bukan satu paksaan..sye ingin mndalami nyer dgn cara sye sndri.. But for convo nnt, i'll have to wear tudung again..

  Back to the story again...the main problems is looking for a place to stay. 4th October 2010..happen to be on Monday..working days..yeahh.. And the bad news is I have to be there by 7 a.m in the morning. Wut the heck!! Geeshh..hate dat! Parents shud be there by 7.30 a.m.. Still searching for a place to stay..hope i can find one soon..OR ELSE.. kna btolak from seremban EARLY in the morning. When i say early..i mean REALLY2 early..nk avoid traffic jam lagi..goshh! Wut ever it is..lets pray for the best. Sabrina..fightin'!!! Gambatte neh!!! XD

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