Sunday, January 11, 2015

KPOP and ....

Anyeong!! Lama x update blog.. Hmm..arini kecoh pasal adegan x snonoh masa konsert B1A4 the other day. Dan harini juga ramai la yang mnyumpah seranah kumpulan kpop2 ni dan juga girls yg terlibat masa tu..cth cm pic sebelah jela.. 1 of the pic..xnk buh byk..rasa dh bsepah kt media2 ni pasal pic2 tsebut.

Well, I used to be kpop lovers, tp sbb kekangan kerja..skrg dah jarang la fangirling ni.. but i still enjoy most of their songs, variety programs and movies. And my opinion today bkan nak defends this kpop group ke ape..sbb i am not their fan and i never heard any of their song's just another 2 cents of my opinion.

People really love to judge others..why?? I don't know..maybe because it is already in our genes sejak azali lagi. But in this case, why should you blame just another genre of music mcm pop, r&b and stuff.. masa zaman dulu2..we known them as boyband backstreet boys and N'Sync.. Ade la sorg ustaz tu..mcaci bagai..i just quote what he said..

''Astaghfirullahal 'Azim, program K POP ini baru benar-benar gerakan liberal atau lebih teruk dari liberal. Jauh lebih teruk dari memeluk anjing.
Bapa & suami menjadi dayus dengan membiarkan anak gadis atau isterinya diperlakukan sedemikian, Gadis menjadi hilang bermaruah malah bergembira secara terbuka melakukan dosa. Biarkan diri dicabul atas nama suka dan disorak pula.
Tudung yang sepatutnya menutup aurat tubuh dari DILIHAT, nampaknya hanya sekadar hiasan & fesyen hingga membiarkan diri disentuh dan dipeluk cium.''

Ini adalah kata2 seorg yang berstatus ustaz.. Siapa? Cari sendri la je..mesti jumpa. 
Well, I agree whatever the girls did was WRONG!! But..siapa kite untuk mencaci?? Mcm kite ni betul2 suci dari dosa. Kenapa salahkan program KPOP ni?? Program2 lain especially program hiburan melayu..drama, program mnyanyi..xnak slahkan ke? Mangatakan ini sebuah gerakan liberal is too much!! And mengatakan kelakuan mereka lebih teruk dari ANJING itu adalah lebih salah!! Saya bkn la ustazah, ilmu agama xtinggi mana pon.. Tp skurang2 nye parents saya xpnah mngajar saya mnyamakan darjah manusia atau apa sekalipon setara dgn anjing!! And to know this coming from those who known as Ustaz is disgraceful..kata2 seperti org yang cetek akal fikirannya..and a bit emotional di situ Klau tiada program2 yg seumpama ini dkt tv2 malaysia dan media ni maka rancangan berbentuk seperti ini pasti xkan muncul. Di sini, media patut memainkan peranan. Berapa kerat je tv malaysia yg xde adegan pkai skirt pendek dan berpelukan..tell me?? Ade ke stesen tv yg cut all their kissing scene?? Takde kan.. so?? Knape plak kpop ni yg slah..adoii..
Pastu skrg kata lelaki n suami dayus plak? Pernah dgr x org ckp iman x di warisi?? Mak bapak kdg2 dah beri apa yg ade byk faktor2 lain yg turut mbantu terjadinye sikap over excited mcm ni.. Skali lgi saya katakan..Yes, mmg ape yg dia buat itu salah dan tidak mlambangkan ciri2 islam dan melayu kite. Tapi kite kna ingat..mereka majoritinye adalah di kalangan remaja. Teenagers tend to make mistake and human will always make a mistake in order for them to learn and grow up! Menegur itu tidak salah tp mencaci dan mjatuhkan maruah sesama manusia lain itu salah.. Saya rasa Ustaz sendri masa remaja dulu2 pon byk je buat salah..melanggar hukum Allah bukan?? Knapa nk kata mereka begitu sekali. We are not perfect ustaz..we make mistake..and we learn from them. Mulut dan kata2 yg kite ungkapkan harus di jaga. Jgn sesenang hati mdayuskan org lain bile mereka ade buat silap..sama seolah kite mghukum mereka. Ustaz pasti ke anak2 ustaz baik kelakuan nye?? Tidak, xbaik bkata begitu. Takut besok terkena kt batang hidung sndri. Sya sndri masih xperfect,,byk buat slh wlaupon parents dah tegah, Naluri manusia..ske mberontak..
Pasal tudung tu xnk komen la..sbb tudung2 yg jual skrg pon mmg byk xmnepati ciri2 spatutnye pon..kan? 
Tak slah minat kpop ni..minat la ape skali biarla berpada2.. Kalu nk menegur atau mghukum pon kna la bijak dan bpada2 juga. There is nothing wrong in fangirling,kpop n stuff.. but ladies, kna jaga batas2 yea.. Igt tuhan and ibu bapa utk stiap ape yg kite buat..Insyaallah, kite pasti di landasan yg betul. 1 more thing..please stop judging other people sbb kite manusia yg xlari dari kesilapan.. Forgive me if my words hurt others..i'm just another human being as well. Daa..

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ME...September 2014.

Hello People!!! Finally..i'm BACK!! Haha.. I've been so damn busy lately..with my works la especially.. Well, I just moved to a new's been 3 months now. Yeah..better company, better environment, most importantly..better management.. Yep!! Dat's rite peeps! So, anyone who are still looking for a job..make sure those place got a really good management people and extremely good HR, wokay??

I'm doing great rite now..enjoying my single life..huh?? Single?? No larh..i am still Mr.Boyfie.. But due to work requirement, he has to travel up and down from Johor to Melaka to Klang.. We have been living separately for almost 3 months now.. When I say 'separately' means we have not see each other face larh..kay, do not think negatively. But I manage to see him last 2 weeks when he went back to PD to send her sister away to Switz..

Jumpa kjap la,..lpas rinduu..huhu.. and received suprise gift from him.. TQ Love!!! Love it sooooooo much!!!! Then we go jalan2...have some coolblogs, bought ourselves some breads and talk again. Later of the day, we singgah to our friends stall..SHEESHAKITE kat PD..showing them our support to their new located anyone yg love shisha can come there if you visit PD okay!! Terbaekk punye burger bakar, meatball, nasi lemak and some more superlicious food!! Then we go back and until today.. hmm..tlebey2 plak story mory kt cni ye dakk..

Now..dah approaching end of September 2014. Got 3 months to go before year end. And the best thing is I still got 10 days leave which I haven't plot.. Hmm..+/- la..yup..ade dlm 10 days more to go. So, better start planning my holiday now!! Ngeee.. Okay..dats my first mission..HOLIDAY!

2nd mission...LOSING SOME WEIGHT!! Yeap..dun laugh kay..I really need to lose some weight. Huargghh..there's go my lasagna, soda, mac&cheese, spaghetti n all... Rice is my enemy..caffeine is my food is my enemy!!! Alhamdullillah..starting from early August.. on and off.. took in latest weight measurement, I manage to lose 5kg overall..and I'm extremely happy with the result! Syukur pada-Nya. Hope can lose few more pounds in upcoming month..wanna know the secret?? I'll let you know when I reach the target level..hihii.. dah 6.39am...really need to lot of things to do tomorrow. Need to wake up early.. Insyaallah..I will updates again on my progression in life..nite2 u'olls.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Never know it would still hurt..

People fell in love..having a relationship..becoming close..and when we became not so close anymore..we broke up..we met new people..and fell in love again. We thought we have forgot everything about our past relatioship..but the fact is..NO!

I'm happy with my life..I feel blessed with all the love given to me..from family, friends and my love.

But one day..something came up. Some one sent me 1 picture that change everything. He used to stalk me in this page. But I guess not anymore. Seriously, I didn't know why it hurts so much.. The relationship was like sooo...sooo long time ago.. I guess during my early matriculation year.. when my age was around 18,19 yrs old.. We broke up after 2 or 3 yrs with the unreasonable reason for me. And I let him go..but still we can say Hi to each other everytime we met during university time.

Hmm..back to the picture..its his WEDDING PICTURE!! Tadaaa...

I feel happy for him..but why does it hurt so much inside.. Honestly, I do feel happy for him..I'm glad he finally found the right one.. but its still hurt.. and for the last 2 weeks.. that 1 picture keep on popping inside my head.. which I dunno why either..

Well.. Here's my last note for you..

To Nizam..who used to be in my life before.. Thank you for the past love. I'm happy that you finally found your true love. I sincerely feel happy for both of you...really! from deepest part of my heart.. I do feel happy for you. Thank you for the happy memories and thank you for the not so happy memories as well. I wish you all the happiness in the world.. Send my regards to her.. Be a good husband.. and be a good father, insyaallah 1 day.. For all the joy that we spend together..there's nothing more I can say but THANK YOU. I hope you still keep your promise to me. I missed the big leg teddy..huhu. Maybe I'm just sad that you didn't tell me that you're getting married. To receive those picture from someone else..really hurting back the scar from long time ago. What happened between us, lets forever keep it between us. I love you as a friend and I want you to be happy for the rest of your life. I wish u all the best in your life, your marriage life, your career and whatever you do in life. May Allah forever be with you..Insyaallah.

And to my boo.. Thank you for your love and support for the past couple years..Never knew we could made it this far.. I love you boo!! And will always love you..


Friday, April 13, 2012

13 APRIL 2012 - In the name of LOVE a.k.a. I Love My Dad!!!

Recently, my dad was diagnosed with bleeding behinds his eyeball. Not really sure what the disease called apa2 pon, alhamdulillah.. I manage to get time and bring him to the right place for treatments.

Previously, my dad went and buat checkup with 1 private clinic la.. dun wanna mention the name here, quite famous clinic though.. And this is their solution - they ask RM 20k for the treatment/minor operation that doesn't cure you, but 40% chances of stopping the bleeding only. Mahal kan??

Then my dad go and search the government hospital to seek for 2nd opinion and hopefully get much cheaper price compared to the private clinics la kan.. Tp issue here know how time consuming is to get a treatment from this G kind of hospital kan..super slow, super not so nice customer service and super disappointment to expect from it..kan? Maybe not all G hospital kn.. Used to get good treatment in Hospital Selayang before..thumbs up! Ok..back to the story, my dad went 1 G hospital near my hometown la kan.. 2 times went there, my dad have to wait there for 3 hours just to get this kind of answer.. " Maaf pakcik, mesin rosak. Kite akn set another appointment yea".. 3rd time kna, my dad on pissed off la kn..xasal2 doctor tu kna marah. Pdan muka! Yea la, nombor phone ade..knape xkol kate mesin xelok lgi ke ape x, tggu lama, dtg byk kali..sda2 je ckp mesin rosak lgi.. haa,kn dh kna.. huhu..

Arini, 1st time aku pkai gaun labuh yg aku minat giler tuh..kopak duit aku. Tp minat punyer pasal..rabakkk gak poket aku aritu.. Sbaik tggal last 1, and luckily it was ny size..huhu..best2!!

This is not normal lycra gown yg kite slalu nmpk org lain pkai tu kay..jgn slh high graded lycra.. yeahh..cost me around 400 bucks just for the ske nye psal, kaut jela. skali skala..kannn???

Hmm..citer x abes lagi laa..last week my dad called me informed, his left eyes plak yg kna..means both eyes dh xboleh nmpk separa buta. I dh, I go and ask people around for best eyes hospital nearby..and most of them suggest me to go to Hospital Tun Hussein Onn near PJ there. So, I go and bring him there la today. Tp bukan nk ckp la..this Hospital is damn good!!! Reasonable price offered, with complete checkup and bloody hell good services.. So, I really recommended this hospital to those yg facing eyes problem. Plus, the doctor there all are specialist. They were all goods. Next Monday, need to bring my dad back for the minor surgery/treatment. Hmm..hope dpt cuti..hihii.

After teman my dad, smbil tkuap2 sangap xckup tido..sbb last thursday balik kje kul 4.00 am in the morning. Damn tired..ops salah statement, bkn xcku tdo..mmg xtdo lgi pon dri blk kje tu sbb takot tlajak nk amik abah pagi2 kt seremban for today checkup. Balik umah dh kul 8.30pm..pnat tahap gaban.

Balik2 nmpk this packet dpn my dad punye working table...

Tadaa..slimming patch..xbkak lg i nmpk words for detoxifying tu yg penting..huhu.
Almaklom lah, kaki den ni dah longuh2 bjalan kek spital tu kan..tringin la nk tdo pkai bnda alah nie..hihii.'d it looks kt dlm packaging. The herbal packet + sticker pad tu..

Jeng..jengggg...dh tampal kt kaki..

 Mula2 tu rasa cm panas sket..skang rasa panas je kt tpak kaki tu. 
Skrg, rasa gatal2 plak kt bawah kaki ni..maybe sbb dia serap toksik dalam badan ni kot.

Tak sabar nk tggu results bnda ni sok..hihii..
Nnt kite update ek..ngantuk plak..daaa~~~

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love Roxy!!! I love Quicksilver!!! ...most important is I love my Boo!!!

Lama sangat2 x update this blog..dh bersawang dah.. uhukk2!!!


This few months tersangatla superb bz!!
Mmg xsmpat nk buat ape pon..kje,balik umah, tido. Tula rutin harian aku..especially year end hari tu. Dgn trades yg mlambak gile masuk that time..feel so super serabut..

Luckily now all the nightmare dh end..fuhhh!!! Lega noo..

Well..arini I nk crite pasal my addiction to Roxy..well, i'm not surfer i like all their design..especially dorg nye few items mcm sunglasses, purses, handbags,sandals...mcm2 lagi bju dia xbrape sgt la coz size dorg sume kcik2 je..and for me it just too sexy for me yg xde cutting model ni kan??? Hihihii..

Dulu..student, ade duit tp nk bli takut bajet lari..why? sbb price dia mahal siottt!!
Now, dh kje..ade income skrg ade part time job as and my Boo renovate rumah org and masyuk sket la..nk kate kaye tu alhamdulillah..tuhan bg rzeki lebih..

Nk dijadikan crite..Al-kisah ~ ~
Bag boo bg sbb beg lappy lama dh lusuh..
My boo ni mmg addicted sgt tu Quicksilver..pendek kata regular customer la.. so, dia nk mmg pendek kate pegi la mne kdai Quicksilver anywhere kt kl ni..mesti staff dorg knal my boo.. Dlu mase 1st time i follow dia shopping..mmg tkjut habes la..slamber je capai2 brg kt kdai tu..i tgk price tag..makk aihhh!!! Tshirt bengong ni je dh RM 169.90??!!! Giler mahal arhh!!! Tp lama2 i understand..why? Sbb its for his satisfaction satu..quality satu.. then the brand itself pon dh mcm kn..hihii. Self confidence la kononnn..nyer. Cmne i leh ske ngn quicksilver?? One day..i g rumah dia..time tu arwah mak dia ade lagi..bajet nk blik mlm tu..then mak dia xbg suh tdo situ jer...pinjam la bju dia..i ckp..patotla dia suke..sbb i pon ter'fall in love ngn kain tshirt dia..lembut je..sjuk and best la pendek kata..since that day..i pon dh start join sama bli tshirt quicksilver ni..actually, xde la mahal mana pon..bukan cm beg LV pon price dia kn..uhuk2.. normally dorg ade promotion..u can get 2 tshirt dlm RM 120- RM 150 la...ok la kn..

Purse baru!!! Hehe..

Ms.Pinky..comey kan??
Emmm...Roxy plak lain case..dlu aku mmg ske gak ushar2 brg brand maklumlah..time tu xkje lgi..sok, nk blie pk 2,3x gak kan? Sekarang financial dh ok sket..leh r gi beli..hihii.. First item..purse..2nd handbag..dan seterusnyer..skit2 lama2 jd bukit..hihii.. Then on my 25th boo bought me pinky Roxy watch..yeayyy!!! Hepi sgt2!! Tq bb... bwk g klcc utk amik brg kt quicksilver..katenyer suh teman..huhuu..
Smpai2 je kt tu dh siap packing kn dlm paper bag siap dh sealed xtau la ape kn..
Boo g skodeng2 tshirt bru smpat gak la i gi sambar socks roxy yg kiut miut tu..huhu..

Comey kn??

Last month punye gaji daaa... I reward myself with new sling bag..

Letak je kt kaunter, t b bayarkn..hak2..slamat duit aku.. Pastu b blanja tshirt quicksilver..warna merah lgi.. yg edisi Chinese New Year punyer..hohoo..garang!! Ade dragon lagi..

Smpai rumah boo bagi paper bag tu kat i..dia ckp for me..kt bilik trus bukak.. Yeayyy!!! Boo bg sweater bru..santekkk sgt2! Comey giler..kaler klabu belang2 gitu..yg penting..labuh n besau.. Howyeahh!!

Tak kisah la..ape org nk kate..janji aku suke, kn? kn?
Boo mmg syg awk tau! Bukan sbb awk suke bg present kt sye sbb awk adalah awk.. menda ar aku ckp..cett! Tak kisah la..janji kite hepi..okie?

That's all for today entries..nnt rajin i update lgi..huhu..Bye!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October..from happiness to sadness.

I started my October with a smile and holidays...yeayyy!!!
I was on my core leave for two eeeeverything!!!
Happy..happy sgt2!!!

11Oct2011 - Normally when it comes to this date..we will celebrate his birthday. Who??? The only 'abang' yg aku ada..where no one else can replace him my now..he's gone..leaving me and everyone in this world forever.. Mood : Bit sad.

At the end of my core leave..17th October 2011.
Mr.Boyfie mother has been sick for a long time.. Aku sempat melawat & tido dengannye pada awal2 cuti core leave aku awal bulan October yg lalu.. Even though she;s not my mother..but I can feel her love towards her family. And I'm glad..she never too me as an outsider @ stranger every time I go and visit her. And dia amat merestui perhubungan aku dan anaknya. Terima kasih mak cik..

Mak cik pergi meninggalkn kami..Mr.Boyfie family dan semua yang mngenalinya buat slama2nya.. Lebih kurang jam 12, baby call and ckp..mak dah xde..aku yg terkejut..hanya mampu bsedih utk insan yg aku kasihi. Aku memahami perasaannye. Even masa my bapis pergi pon dlu aku dah rasa sedih yg teramat. It tooks me a long time before I could accept the facts that he's gone. Ini kan pula kehilangan someon yg berstatus IBU...MAK..UMI...bygkn... aku xpasti bgaimana pula nasibku andai suatu hari nnt mak yg mninggalkn aku.. 

To my baby..TAKZIAH atas pemergian ibunda yg tercinta. I will always be there for you. Walau pon kite xdapat nk tunaikan hasrat mak utk tgk kite syg pasti mak sntiasa mdoakn jodoh yg terbaik utk kite.

31 Oct 2011...
Waktu aku menulis ni..aku baru je lepas tgk semula video2 lama arwah bapis yg abah keluarkn utk adik.
30Oct2011..genap 2tahun bapis pergi meninggalkn kami. Smoga Allah mncucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya. Walaupon bapis dh xde..kami masih mngingati dan mnyayangi dirimu..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dream 2 : Accomplished!!!

At last!!! Second dream..success!! Yeehaaa... dream nk g holiday kat genting tercapai juga..huhu.
Sronok!!! Seronok sangat2!!! Tq Mr.Boyfie sbb bawak sye jalan2...
Wlaupon sye sronok..dapat gak naik roller coaster wlaupon pas ujan time tu..huhu..
Tp cedey..coz xpat naik keretapi comey ulat gonggok tu..pnat je brator..dh smpai depan leh rosak plak..cett!!

Neways...happy time nk pegi mne plak ek..hmmm..
Masih dlm prancangan..hihii..

Bsok dh start kje balik after 2 weeks core leave.
Mcm mlas mahu kerja lepas sudaa duduk rehat kt rumah seminggu lebey.. I come!!!